Saul Levy

Mr. Levy has 18 years of experience in real estate. During his tenure at PIA Group USA, he has headed PIA Construction Services responsible for deep remodeling of more than 800 single family and multifamily units. Leveraging his expertise in multifamily assets Mr. Levy is now heading the expansion of the company into the acquisition of market-rate multifamily properties in the South-East U.S.

Before joining PIA Mr. Levy founded Stanton-Pender Development Group which specialized in ground-up development of high end residential units. Mr. Levy has extensive experience in residential construction, land acquisition, financing, and marketing, and has a keen ability in analyzing market conditions, and identifying real estate investment opportunities.

Mr. Levy holds a Bachelor of Arts in Economics from Boston University, a GCS from London School of Economics and a Business Degree from the Norwegian Shipping Academy in Oslo.