Pia Residential

Fund Overview and Investment Profile


Target Net Average CoC Return

6% - 8%

Target Net Fund IRR

12% - 14%

Fund Structure

Target Fund Size

$60 – $100 Million

Minimum Investment


Investment Period

2 years from initial close*

Anticipated Fund Life

5 – 7 years

GP Commitment

5% up to $3 Million

*Subject to a six month extension

Investment Targets

Number of Investments

3 – 5 properties

Property Size

100 – 400 units

Project Cost

$25 – $70 Million

Equity per Project

$10 – $30 Million

Average Leverage

60% – 70%

Online Webinar

Unlocking Wealth: A Guide to Multifamily Investments for Long-Term Prosperity

Danny Kattan

Managing Partner

Forbes Business Council Writer

Forbes business council

Thursday, April 10th | 11:00 am EST

Why Invest in US Multifamily

Historically resilient asset class with stable occupancy

Favorable demographic and lifestyle trends

Continued strong demand and limited supply of attainable housing in target markets

Effective hedge against inflation with annual rent adjustments

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PIA’s objectives are to preserve capital, produce consistent cash yields, and generate attractive risk-adjusted returns for its investors. We achieve this by carefully building a diversified portfolio of multifamily investments through PIA Residential Fund I, LP

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