Pia Residential

Environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG)

ESG as a Company Focus

PIA Residential takes responsibility for reducing its environmental impact through the implementation of cost-effective conservation programs and other “green” initiatives within its properties. PIA continues to expand its social impact providing attainable housing options for its tenant base. PIA and its principals are also involved in multiple philanthropic causes in the areas they live, as well as active in social initiatives and volunteering in the local communities.


PIA’s historical investments have included:

  • Low flow shower heads and aerators on faucets.
    LED lighting (interior and/or exterior)
  • Water efficient toilets.
  • All appliances, compressors and window as replaced transition to Energy Star rated.
  • Smart thermostats “Nest”

Other Improvements for Consideration

  • Installation of solar panels on clubhouse roofs.
  • Installation of electric charging stations.


PIA concentrates on “attainable” rental, affordable to a large percentage of the population.

  • Often uses Fannie Mae “green loans” for it mortgage debt.
  • Loans qualify for “mission-driven” allocation with majority of tenants below defined AMI benchmarks.


PIA is a 100% minority-owned business – all three principals are Latino immigrants.

Become a PIA Investor

PIA’s objectives are to preserve capital, produce consistent cash yields, and generate attractive risk-adjusted returns for its investors. We achieve this by carefully building a diversified portfolio of multifamily investments through PIA Residential Fund I, LP