1. You will receive an email with the link to Docusign.
  2. Once you click on the link accept the terms and conditions and proceed to the yellow left tab to Start/Begin.
  3. You can Navigate using the Next Tab or Clicking the TAB Key on your computer.  We recommend you to go page by page and review all the mandatory and optional fields.
  4. Once you start populating mandatory fields, most of them will pre-populate the rest of the document avoiding you to having to fill the same information several times.
  5. MAKE SURE THAT THE FIELDS THAT HAVE SOME INSTRUCTIONS ON THEM MUST BE ERASED. For example the Address, City, State and Zip Code have been marked, you will need to erase the information.
  6. Data fields such as emails, social security or some dates will require specific formatting that will be identified by Docusign.
  7. If by the end of the document you press Submit or Finish, and some fields are still missing, the system will automatically warn you and take you to the missing fields.