Daniel Kattan

Daniel Kattan Daniel Kattan Managing Partner, Capital Markets danny@piaresidential.com Mr. Kattan has more than 15 years of experience in Real Estate. He has acquired more than 900 single-family and multifamily units and has extensive knowledge of the different variables that affect the market. He was instrumental in the financing and refinancing of PIA’s portfolio and […]

Saul Levy

Saul Levy Saul Levy Managing Partner, Investments saul@piaresidential.com Mr. Levy has 18 years of experience in real estate. During his tenure at PIA Group USA, he has headed PIA Construction Services responsible for deep remodeling of more than 800 single family and multifamily units. Leveraging his expertise in multifamily assets Mr. Levy is now heading […]

Jimmy Levy

Jimmy Levy Jimmy Levy Managing Partner, Operations jimmy@piaresidential.com Mr. Levy founded PIA Group USA in 2010 and has been its CEO since its creation; in this role, he has been responsible for the overall organization of the company and all real estate investments in Single-family and Multi-family opportunities.  Having purchased more than 1,000 houses and […]